Here you will find the prerequisites for each merit badge along with the worksheets and in some cases the book.  All scouts should make sure that all prerequisites are done prior to the merit badge college or the counselor will not be able to pass of those requirements.  Each scouts should come prepared to actively participate in all discussions.  It is suggested that the worksheet be filled out as a guide to prepare each scouts for this discussion.  Those requirements for which you are unable to pass off at the college, must be completed later to receive the merit badge.  The counselor may provide you with their contact information for follow up or you may follow up with another merit badge counselor to complete any remaining items.

Merit BadgePrerequisitesWorksheetBook
American BusinessAmerican Business Pre-reqsAmerican Business WBAmerican Business Book
American CulturesAmerican Cultures Pre-reqsAmerican Cultures WBAmerican Cultures Book
American HeritageAmerican Heritage Pre-reqsAmerican Heritage WBAmerican Heritage Book
ArtArt Pre-reqsArt WB & Sculpture WBArt Book
ChessChess Pre-reqsChess WBChess Book
Citizenship in the CommunityCitizenship in the Community Pre-reqsCitizenship in the Community WBCitizenship in the Community Book
Citizenship in the NationCitizenship in the Nation Pre-reqsCitizenship in the Nation WBCitizenship in the Nation Book
Citizenship in the WorldCitizenship in the World Pre-reqsCitizenship in the World WBCitizenship in the World Book
CommunicationCommunication Pre-reqsCommunication WBCommunication Book
Crime PreventionCrime Prevention Pre-reqsCrime Prevention WBCrime Prevention Book
Digital TechnologyDigital Technology Pre-reqsDigital Technology WBDigital Technology Book
Dog Care/PetsDog Care-Pets Pre-reqsDog Care WB & Pets WBDog Care Book
ElectricityElectricity Pre-reqsElectricity WBElectricity Book
Emergency PreparednessEmergency Preparedness Pre-reqsEmergency Preparedness WBEmergency Preparedness Book
EntrepreneurshipEntrepreneurship Pre-reqsEntrepreneurship WBEntrepreneurship Book
Environmental ScienceEnvironmental Science Pre-reqsEnvironmental Science WBEnvironmental Science Book
Family LifeFamily Life Pre-reqsFamily Life WBFamily Life Book
FingerprintingFingerprinting Pre-reqsFingerprinting WBFingerprinting Book
Fire SafetyFire Safety Pre-reqsFire Safety WBFire Safety Book
First AidFirst Aid Pre-reqsFirst Aid WBFirst Aid Book
GenealogyGenealogy Pre-reqsGenealogy WBGenealogy Book
InventingInventing Pre-reqsInventing WBInventing Book
LawLaw Pre-reqsLaw WBLaw Book
MusicMusic Pre-reqsMusic WBMusic Book
Personal FitnessPersonal Fitness Pre-reqsPersonal Fitness WBPersonal Fitness Book
Personal ManagementPersonal Management Pre-reqsPersonal Management WBPersonal Management Book
PhotographyPhotography Pre-reqsPhotography WBPhotography Book
SalesmanshipSalesmanship Pre-reqsSalesmanship WBSalesmanship Book
SustainabilitySustainability Pre-reqsSustainability WBSustainability Book
Traffic SafetyTraffic Safety Pre-reqsTraffic Safety WBTraffic Safety Book
Veterinary MedicineVeterinary Medicine Pre-reqsVeterinary Medicine WBVeterinary Medicine Book
WeatherWeather Pre-reqsWeather WBWeather Book