Featured Project:

ADA-Compliant Play Tables for Smithville Elementary Schools
Smithville Rotarians at the dedication of the playground equipment on July 16, 2020.

The project “ADA-Compliant Play Tables for Smithville Elementary Schools” is a local project to add playground equipment that is accessible to physically-disabled and able-bodied students. The idea was envisioned when a student spoke to the local school board about the difficulty accessing the original equipment independently. While the school will address the immediate needs of the existing equipment, the Smithville Rotary Club wanted to take the initiative by installing five sand play tables at each of the playgrounds for the three elementary schools in Smithville.

Rotarian, Dr. Linda Buckmiller, affixes the Rotary emblem on the sand table at Horizon Elementary School during installation in March 2020.

The big idea of the project is that students will have the opportunity to interact with each other no matter their circumstances. Furthermore, it brings disability awareness, sensitivity, and kindness to others. Disability awareness can have a significant impact throughout the community. In particular, the new equipment can improve mental and social health for those with disabilities.

Encouraging interactive play between all students allows them to gain positive attitudes and empathy. By supporting diversity, it can also diminish stereotypical and biased mindsets. This all just creates a more positive and accepting environment where students can become better citizens. This project will improve many lives and be appreciated by numerous people in the Smithville community. As well as encouraging other schools to do the same and giving students confidence to make a change. The Smithville Rotary Club and Interact Club dedicated the equipment at the Maple Elementary School playground on July 16, 2020.

~ Press release by members of Smithville High School Interact Club which is sponsored by the Smithville Rotary Club